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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Paiting this girls room

For those who know me from my other blog Sew Chic and Unique will recognise this room as i blogged about it there before deciding to start this blog.

One of the first room we decorated was the girls room. I have 2 daughters aged 4 and 2 :) I knew i wanted to create something special, girly and they wouldnt outgrow anytime soon LOL

Now the furniture is light purple and there are 2 beds, a desk and a cupboard from the same collection.
My biggest challange was finding a colour scheme to go with it when i asked my 4 year old what colours whe wanted this is what she said "Mama i want red, pink and blue" and i said YES!

Now please remember i have not studied interior decorating i just learn on the job LOL so I studied the colour wheel and the relations to colour and decided on painting the walls pink and green.

So this is the before

and after

How did i achieve that?

I measured 1 meter from the bottom which was where the green would go and wanted a white border of about 15 cm and above the border would be the pink and i drew the lines with a pencil

After that i put masking tape over the border as i didnt want any paint there. Next step was to paint the edges of the walls which included the border

and then came the fun part painting the walls with a roller brush so the first coat of both colours have been applied

after it dried we applied the paint to the edges again with a paint brush before applying the 2nd and last coat of paint

Now you might think its finshed but i still needed to add some red and blue and decided to stencil some flowers as part of the border and this is the outcome

I did alternate colours to bring in the red and blue :)

I really enjoyed painting this room for my girls because i did it with my husband (thank you honey for your help)

I hope you enjoyed that and would love to hear your thoughts on my girls room that was painted with love :)

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My favorite colour combo

It has been 2 years since we moved into our house and unlike most of the people we decided not to paint our walls any colour just leave them white.We havent even put up any pictures yes the walls were bare.

It was very funny when we had visitors they were really surprised  by our white walls. The norm here is when you build your house and move in you have already picked up the colour of the walls. It is understandable if you dont have furniture but the walls should at least have some colour on LOL My husband and I both agreed that we would take our time in deciding the colour, because it will have to be part of the theme/ambience we want to create.

The arabs like everything BIG, BOLD and GOLD! and personally i feel they have no sense of style when it comes to home decorating. They think that by having the walls pink then automatically means any accessories that will go into that room should all be pink!

Anyway good news is that we finally had our walls painted you will not find a white wall well except for the maid's room but come to think of it i might paint it soon LOL

So here is the before

and here is it after

Shocked by the yellow?

Dont be for some reason because i am pairing it with grey

Here the colour swatches to get the right yellow to match the grey
It was very hard finding the right yellow-- I went through 4 cans of yellow until i found THE ONE lol
 I am loving the grey and yellow combination and luckily so does my husband

Check out these pics that i was inspired by

I mean even Marks and Spencer think its a cool colour combo

and so does IKEA (i took this pic the last time i was there)

So naturally we painted the rest of living room grey

Now this is a bad pic but you can see the grey and yellow combo (although because of bad lighting the grey appears darker)

So there you have it...

Do you have a favorite colour combo? i would love to hear the colours that appeal to you
Thanks for stopping by :)

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Beginning

My home and I is where i plan on sharing the transofrmation of my house becoming my Home :)

I have been inspired by the many DIY interior design blogs that i have come across on the net and its time for me to turn my home into a comfortable beautiful and practical space where my family and I will cherish for many many years.

I hope this will inpsire someone, somewhere that where you live be it a villa, a flat or a one bedroom studio it is YOUR place and you can make it feel homey by simple touches all you have to do is be creative!

With love from my home to yours